Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

1. Types of training
International students can study in IFNTUOG at:

  • Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens;
  • spheres of training and high education specialties;
  • educational and qualification level: Bachelor, Specialist and Master degrees;
  • postgraduate school;
  • doctorate;
  • according to exchange program;
  • post-graduate education system.


   2.1 The enrolment of foreign citizens is based on:

  • international agreements of Ukraine;
  • federal programs;
  • university agreements with juridical persons;
  • contracts for the training with natural persons.
  •    2.2 A foreign citizen has the right to come in Ukraine with the purpose of study in the university according to the "Invitation for learning" ("Invitation") of the national standard."Invitation " with the obligatory completion of blank graphs is given to:
    • natural persons – based on personal application;
    • natural persons that have an agreement signed with Ukrainian State Centre of International Education of Ukraine concerning students’ admission;
    • an agreement with the university;
    • a copy of an enterprise statute (economic entity), which have to provide this type of service;
    • copy of certificate of the physical body state registration;
    • information from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine № 4 OPP ;
    • copy of passport of a company director or a person authorized to sign the contract ;
    • identification number of a company director;
    • the notarized power of attorney in the case of signing the contract not by the head of a company but a trustee.

       The following documents must be submitted to obtain the consent from IFNTUOG for a study invitation letter:

    • Application;
    • The copy of an information page of a passport (a bearer’s surname and given names, nationality, date of birth, passport number, permanent residence);
    • A copy of certificate of secondary education and a certificate supplement;
    • A copy of a medical certificate.

       2.3 Persons who have received the Invitations are responsible for obeying the law of Ukraine “On the Legal Status of Foreigners”.

       2.4 An applicant, who has received the Invitation after having got an entry visa at (from) Ukraine’s MOFA Consulate, is bound to inform the university on the date and location of entering Ukraine.

       2.5 If an applicant, who has received the Invitation, under any circumstances fails to come for studying, the Invitation form must be sent back (returned) to the university.

       2.6 When the foreign student arrives he/she should provide:

    • National passport with visa and Passport Point Registration of the State Committee of Border Guard Service;
    • Passport copy;
    • Birth certificate copy;
    • Standard application form;
    • Standard application form;
    • Invitation for studying of single model for all universities of Ukraine
    • The copy of educational certificate with disciplines estimates (points);
    • Medical health certificate, certified by an official health authority of the country from which the foreign student came and issued no later than two months before leaving his/her country for studying in Ukraine ;
    • Certificate confirming the absence of disease in HIV - infection, perfected and notarized in Ukraine;
    • Insurance policy for emergency medical care;
    • 10 photos size 6x4;
    • Return ticket with open date up to one year;
    • Migration card filled out while crossing the border of Ukraine, indicating the purpose of the trip "Education" (only for citizens from the countries with visa-free regime in Ukraine).
    • Translated true copies of passport, certificate of education, health certificate and birth certificate must be certified in accordance with the laws of the issuing country and legalization procedure in consulate of Ukraine in the country.

       2.6 Foreigners pass an interview, which determines the level of knowledge.

       2.7 Foreigners who are recommended for admission constitute a contract, which is a statutory document that sets out the obligations and rights of the university and the student for the entire period of study. The contract comes into effect from the date the rector publicates the order of acceptance to the university.

       Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens
       Pre-university training at the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens (PVI) is under license MESU.
       The purpose of AAH - to train foreign students who do not speak the state language of Ukraine for higher and postgraduate professional education in IFNTUOG and other universities in Ukraine.
       The structure of AAH are:

    • Section of language courses for foreigners;
    • Section fundamental disciplines;
    • Section natural and economic sciences.

       Faculty and staff: the head of the Department and the Methodologist

       1 International Student Reception at the Preparatory Division for international students is carried out on the basis of:

    • International treaty of Ukraine ;
    • Nationwide programs;
    • University agreements (contracts) of legal entities;
    • Enrolment contracts of physical entities.

    2 The foreign citizens (except for students, candidates and trainees) who have complete secondary education, are enrolled at the Preparatory Division for international students. Admission is carried out on the basis of interview.

    3 The study at the preparatory department is held according to organizational and methodological guidelines of education.

    4 The course at the preparatory department lasts 1 academic year. The academic year is divided into two semesters with 12-days holidays between them. 

    5 The invitations are sent from the 15th of April till the 10th of November.

    6 The applications and other documents are submitted from the 15th of August till the 14th of November. 

    7 The beginning of study since the first of September according to the fullness of groups.

    8 The program of study at the preparatory department is divided into 2 stages:
       The first stage, which lasts 3 months, includes learning basic level of the Ukrainian language under the supervision of a teacher , learning grammatical forms and syntactic relations in the language.
       Stage II - 7 months – further studying of the Ukrainian language, country-specific studies and training in general subjects ( mathematics, physics , chemistry and other subjects ) that are the basis for learning in higher education technical direction .

    9 Training is conducted in Ukrainian language in all field of studying, and also in English for the technical direction of training. Students from English-speaking countries do not study English.

    10 The quantity of training hours to explore educational disciplines depend on the direction in which international students can learn on PEi .
       The minimum amount of program for PVI - 50 credits ECTS / 1800 hours.
       The maximum amount of program for AAH - 60 credits ECTS / 2160 hours.

    11 Studies take place from Monday till Friday (inclusive). The duration of educational day is 6-8 hours. The duration of the training week is 54 hours.

    12 In free time there are teacher consultation, excursions to historical and cultural centers, museums, theaters, exhibitions and other mass cultural activities.

    13 The study group consists of 9-10 people, providing the organization of educational process with sufficient quality of learning. Smaller groups can be formed by means of additional charge.

    14 Classes in Ukrainian language are taught by teachers who have a great experience of teaching foreign students and working abroad. The peculiar teaching method helps people attending PCFFC to learn Ukrainian history, culture traditions and scientific terminology required for training in chosen occupation.

    15 At the end of the academic year, students take (PVI) PCFFC exams in Ukrainian and major subjects.

    16 Students who have passed (PVI) PCFFC examinations, get single sample certificate of the preparatory department completion. It has a state statute and entitles a foreigner to provide documents for admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine for the chosen field of study .

    17 PCI also offers additional language courses for individuals or groups who need to raise the general level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language or improve language practice with a special purpose for research, business, work in governmental agencies and so on.

    18 PCI participants are educated on compensatory principles, if other provisions are not provided for by international agreements of Ukraine. Tuition is set in the year of admission.

    19 For the PCI participants who need a bed at the dorm, the price is set annually according to the estimate.

    20 If a foreigner does not live in a dorm, he/she provides lease arrangement with the landlord.