Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

  • Bachelor (B) programmes

    Bachelor (B) programmes
    Oil and Gas Engineering (B)
    Mining Engineering (B)
    Welding (B)
    Geology (B)
    Ecology and Environmental Protection (B)
    Geodesy, Mapping and Land Management (B)
    Electrical Engineering (B)
    Metrology and Measuring Technology (B)
    Toolmaking (B)
    Engineering Mechanics (B)
    Automotive Engineering (B)
    Computer Engineering (B)
    Software Engineering (B)
    Systems Engineering (B)
    Automation and Computer Technology (B)
    Tourism (B)
    Architectural Engineering (B)
    Business Economics (B)
    Finance and Credit (B).
    Accounting and Auditing (B).
    Management (B)
    Records Information Management (B)
    Philology (B)

  • Fields of Education/Specialties

    Fields of Education/Specialties
    Specialist (S), Master’s (M) programmes

    1. Oil and Gas Engineering (B):
    Oil and Gas Production Engineering (S,M);
    Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities (S,M);
    Equipment for Oil and Gas Industries (S,M).
    2. Mining Engineering (B):
    Well Drilling Engineering (S,M).
    3. Welding (B):
    Welding Technology (S,M);
    Wear-Resistance and Restoration Technology (S,M).
    4. Geology (B):
    Oil and Gas Geology (S,M);
    Geophysics (S,M).
    5. Ecology and Environmental Protection (B):
    Ecology and Environmental Protection (S,M).